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How to use lanyards for child safety at events

How to use lanyards for child safety at events
14 Jun ‘17

How to use lanyards for child safety at events

As family friendly festivals become more popular than ever – from quirky weekend spectaculars like the Just So Festival in Cheshire, to one day music festivals like the Underage Festival in London kids are increasingly getting bit by the festival bug early.

But as these child festivals become bigger and more popular, parents are increasingly likely to become separate from their children at some point. And whilst these festivals do have lost children areas and announcements, there’s a much easier way.

Custom lanyards for children

Child ID cards and lanyards can be great safety precaution – by providing children with their festival lanyard you can easily capture all necessary personal information into one place.

Information you could include is:

  • Parents name and mobile phone numbers
  • Any allergy or special needs information
  • Anything the child likes to do, so whilst they wait for their parents they can be easily entertained

By including all of this information on the ID card and lanyard it quickly allows the child to get the best care and attention if they are separate from their parents or involved in an accident.

Any by displaying this information on a lanyard it easily allows it to be easily on show and without having rely on the child remembering to show it themselves.

How to do it?

Firstly pick the lanyard you want to customise – we personally recommend our woven lanyards for events outside, as they’re our strongest and most robust, perfect for younger children who might pulled on them!

Then simply design the information sheets you want to include to fit into one of our lanyard ID badge holders. Make sure to leave the information fields blank so that the parents can easily fill them in on their way into the festival.

Getting parents to fill them in themselves, means that you don’t have to worry about the laws and regulations of the data protection laws about storing information about children.

Whilst this can sound like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be, once you’ve got your lanyards and ID cards designed then why not take advantage of our Assembly Service? Simply provide the instructions on how you would like your lanyards to arrive and we’ll do the rest to ensure that they’re ready to use.

The other great benefit of taking advantage of custom lanyards for your children’s event is that the child will have an exciting memento of the day and the parents will have an ID card that can be used again, meaning that people you hadn’t even thought of targeting will see your branded lanyards and learn about your events.

So if you’re ready to take your event branding and child safety seriously, then why not take a look at our custom woven lanyards?

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