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Festivals and lanyards

Festivals and lanyards
23 Nov ‘16

Festivals and lanyards

With the winter on its way many people start thinking of sunnier days. Those thoughts may turn to fun, summer activities – like festivals.

For many, festivals conjure up thoughts of the big music events like Glastonbury and Coachella. But there are hundreds of festivals across the UK alone in a single year which is good for lanyard production and advertising options.

Not just for musical youths

When it comes to investing in printed lanyards for a festival you could be forgiven for thinking your main audience will be music lovers in their late teens and twenties. But you’d be wrong. Although music features in many festivals, the specific mix of acts mean some attract young families, older citizens, foodies or big drinkers.

Everyone who attends a festival wears a printed lanyard with a displayed ticket no matter how old they are. And, because of the diversity of acts and entertainment on offer, festivals also reach a wide audience. This means it’s a great opportunity to reach the people you want to, as well as people you might not realise would be interested in your business.

Famous fans

Where there’s a festival you’re sure to find a famous face or two. If it’s a family affair, be ready for pap snaps of a cute toddler or tearaway teens wearing their passes complete with personalised lanyard.

Aside from famous families attending fun festivals, those world-renowned events we mentioned earlier are also popular with every type of celebrity. Indeed, where there’s music there are famous fans enjoying their favorite tunes – and all while they’re wearing a lanyard bearing their VIP pass!

The big music festivals like Glastonbury have become an annual televised event. This raises the profile of printed and advertising lanyards as they’re seen by millions of people. Remember, only 135,000 tickets are sold for the event each year, so that’s quite a bang for your buck.

Don’t forget those famous faces. Any televised performances and interviews will also feature some of the artists and their famous fans. Most of those people have their passes on show, secured by, you guessed it, brightly branded lanyards.


Another great thing about festivals, whether they’re of the world-famous variety or the more local family friendly type, is they’re special events. They’re places where memories are made. That means the people who attend often want keepsakes to remember their amazing time. The most obvious keepsake is the festival ticket or pass which is normally stored complete with the attached printed lanyard.

Any branded lanyards from the event are likely to be kept by lots of people. And that’s not all. Any company names printed on lanyards used at a festival will likely be remembered fondly, simply by association with the event. That’s a pretty good return for what could be a relatively small investment.

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