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Materials and Finishes

Dye Sublimation Lanyards (Full Colour Lanyards)

Is your logo very detailed, or does it need to be near-photo quality? If so, our dye sublimation lanyards may just be the lanyard type for you. They’re the highest quality lanyard available from Lanyards Direct. Read on to find out the features and benefits of these lanyards.

Complex, high quality logos

Dye sublimation is a special printing technique that uses cutting-edge heat transfer technology. The result? Flawless, detailed logos that are almost picture quality. This technique is perfect for you if your logo is on the complex side, for example if it involves several colours or is very detailed. The heat transfer method makes printing your logo easy, and produces beautiful results, every time.

A superior no-flake finish

These lanyards come with a wonderful satin finish that’s superior quality. This means your logo will never flake, crack or fade. Put simply, your logo looks great and stays put for as long as you need it.

Professional, high quality look and feel

Dye sub lanyards come with a texture and finish that is sure to impress clients and prospective customers. This makes them excellent gifts or freebies for your next event or conference.

Durable and reliable

Our dye sublimation lanyards don’t just look pretty. They also perform well under pressure due to their high quality fabric. They’re designed to be durable and long-lasting, meaning they can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and even repeated washes.

Large quantities

We provide dye sublimation lanyards in quantities of 100 or more and we’ll even produce a mock up so that you’re completely happy before the production process begins. Usually your highquality lanyards can be produced and ready to use within a week of placing your order.

Are these the lanyards for you?

Dye sublimation lanyards are for you if:

  • You have a detailed, complex or colourful logo
  • You’re looking for a luxury finish and feel
  • You want a high-quality lanyard that will impress customers and clients

Flat Polyester Lanyards

Looking for durability and flexibility? Our flat polyester lanyards offer these qualities and more. Read on to find out if these are the lanyards for you.

Bumper widths

Our flat weave polyester lanyards are fantastic for businesses with large logos. We can produce them in a range of sizes, up to a bumper width of 25mm. This means you can have your logo displayed prominently in all its glory, making it visible to passers-by from a distance. There’s no need to worry about getting the dimensions right – we’ll take care of that and we’ll also show you some samples too.

Lightweight lanyards

A bumper width doesn’t mean a bumper weight. Our flat polyester lanyards are still lightweight and won’t feel heavy when worn around the neck.

Durable and UV resistant

These lanyards have a UV resistant print, meaning that they won’t fade over time. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor events. What’s more, they’re every bit as durable as our other lanyards, and because they’re made from high quality polyester, they’ll stand the test of time.

Printed in pantone colours

These lanyards can be printed in a wide range of pantone colours, either on one side or both sides. So not only will your logo look big and beautiful, it will also be as colourful as you’d like it to be.

Competitively priced

We pride ourselves on fair and great value pricing, and our flat polyester lanyards are no exception. Give us a call today for a quick, fuss free quote.

Are these the lanyards for you?

Our flat polyester lanyards are for you if:

  • You have a large logo
  • You’d like your logo as visible as possible
  • You like a chunky lanyard that’s durable and won’t fade

Woven Lanyards

The toughest of the tough. Our woven lanyards are as durable as they come. Read on to learn about the other benefits and features of these lanyards.

High quality

Woven lanyards are made with high quality polyester which makes them reliable, tough and super durable.

Chunky, durable lanyards

They can withstand the harshest of conditions, so they’re ideal for outdoor events and exposure to the elements. We also recommend these lanyards for use in places like as factories and kitchens. These harsher environments demand a lanyard that will stand up against water, chemicals or heat exposure.

Woven logos

Your chosen logo or marketing message will be woven, rather than printed, into the strap of these lanyards. The good news? This means it will stay put, no matter what. The design itself will never crack, flake, peel or fade. It’s there for if you need it.

Colour designs

These chunkier lanyards are perfect for simple two colour designs. With the right expertise, they can also be used for designs of up to five colours if needed. The reverse colours will also be visible on the back of the strap.

Are these the lanyards for you?

Flat weave lanyards are for you if:

  • You want a super durable lanyard
  • You need a design that will never fade or come off
  • Your lanyards are for use in harsh environments or outdoors
  • You have a simple design with fewer colours

Satin woven lanyards

These woven lanyards are some of the most popular lanyards in our range. Read on to learn about some of their benefits and features and to find out if these are the lanyards for you.

Luxury satin finish

These lanyards are made with the same durable polyester as our other woven lanyards. The crucial difference? The weave on these lanyards is finer, to give a silky satin finish.

Intricate designs

If you’re looking to make an impact with your lanyards, our design team is ready to help get you noticed. Because our satin woven lanyards have a finer weave, we can use them to produce more intricate designs than we would with a chunkier lanyard. So, they’re ideal for doing something special with.

Robust and durable

Don’t be fooled by the satin finish! These lanyards are ready to take as much punishment as you need them to. They can withstand most harsh conditions and they hold up exceptionally well when it comes to wear and tear.

Are these the lanyards for you?

Our satin woven lanyards are for you if:

  • You want an intricate logo design
  • You like a high-quality finish
  • You want a lanyard that looks and feels great

Polyester tubular lanyards

These lanyards are excellent value for money and are the cheapest we offer at Lanyards Direct. However, low cost doesn’t mean less quality. Read on to learn about the great features and benefits of our tubular lanyards.

Flexible and versatile

These loose-stitched lanyards come in a 900mm x 10mm size and feature a hard-wearing tubular neck strap that’s both flexible and versatile. They can be used for all the handy things that lanyards do, such as carrying ID passes, name cards, security badges and USBs.

Choose from any colour or design

Our polyester lanyards can be made in your choice of pantone colours, just the way you like them. As with other lanyards, we can also include your logo and any other marketing messages you need.

Lightweight and comfortable

Tubular lanyards are excellent value for money, but this doesn’t mean that they compromise on quality. These lanyards are soft, super comfortable and lightweight, feeling almost weightless when worn around the neck.

Twist free design

One complaint that people have with lanyards is that they can be prone to twisting, which obscures the logo. Our tubular lanyards are different, because they’ve been designed not to twist when worn. Take advantage of this special twist free design and try them yourself.

Are these the lanyards for you?

Polyester tubular lanyards are for you if:

  • You’re looking for something that’s cheaper than other lanyards out there
  • Your logo is simple and doesn’t need a complex printing technique
  • You want an anti-twist design
  • You want something lightweight and comfortable

Overview of finishes and materials

Now it’s time to get down to the business of choosing a finish for your lanyards. This is simple once you’re aware of the different options. In this section, we’ll talk about choosing your finish and briefly describe the finishes we offer at Lanyards Direct.

Important factors in choosing a finish

When choosing the type of lanyard, you need, you’ll need to ask yourself some important questions. Here are some to think about:

  • Do I need my lanyards to be extra durable?
  • Does my logo require a high-quality printing method?
  • Is my logo very large, requiring an extra wide lanyard?
  • Do I need to produce lanyards that are as cheap as possible, or am I prepared to pay a little more for quality?
  • Do I need lightweight lanyards?
  • Are my lanyards going to be given to clients as gifts, and do they need a luxury finish?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you’ll be in a much better position to choose the material and finish of your lanyards.

Need help with these answers?

Don’t worry if you’re finding these questions a little bewildering – our team can help you work through them quickly and easily over the phone. We’re always happy to help.

Finishes to choose from

Let’s get down to business and take you through our finishes and materials. Here is a rundown of the types of lanyard we offer. Click through for more information.

  • Flat polyester lanyards: Durable and excellent value for money, our flat polyester lanyards are available in a choice of widths, to suit even the largest logos. Read more
  • Woven lanyards: Chunkier and supremely durable, these lanyards go the distance. Your design will be woven (rather than printed) into the fabric, which means it won’t fade over time. Read more
  • Dye sublimation lanyards: Satin finish lanyards with a special dye sublimation print technique that’s ideal for more complex logos. Read more
  • Tubular polyester lanyards: Lightweight tubular lanyards with an anti-twist design. The cheapest lanyards in our range, without compromising on quality. Read more

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