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Getting Name Cards Printed for Your Lanyards

Get name cards printed for your lanyards

Did you know that we can also print the name cards you need for your lanyards? On this page, we’ll talk about lanyard printing when it comes to your name cards, and why this might be useful.

Save time with our lanyard printing service

Getting different services from several different suppliers can cost you time and money in the long run. So, why not get everything done by the same company? At Lanyards Direct, we’re all too familiar with the work it takes to run a thriving business or plan a big event. So, we offer a service where we print the name badges you need to attach to your lanyards. This is one of the many ways we can make life easier for our customers.

Choose your name cards

Let us know your perfect name card type, and we’ll produce it for you. Choose from features such as:

  • Laminated name cards which will be protected from water damage or ripping
  • Full colour printed name cards with high quality results

You provide the info, we’ll do the lanyard printing

Simply provide us with the information you need for all your name cards, and we’ll get to work printing them. Simple! We can attach your name cards to your lanyards, too. Just ask about our packing service.

Name badge holders for your name cards

If you’re going to use your lanyards for name cards, you may also need a small, simple accessory to hold and protect them: the name card holder. We provide these too, and we can put your name cards inside them before we ship them to you, to save time and hassle.

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