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Choosing Your Accessories

Accessories you may need

Lanyard accessories can help you to get the most out of your lanyards, whether it’s protecting those all-important ID badges or making sure your lanyards have a safety break. In this section, we’ll go through some of the different types of accessories you may need for your lanyards and what they can do.

Lanyard accessories – do you need them?

Our lanyards come with a standard trigger clip, but in many cases, adding an accessory makes them even more efficient. The reason for this is simple: lanyards are designed to be hung around the neck, but to hold items like ID cards and security passes, they often need to be attached to an accessory such as a clip, reel or card holder. We provide these lanyard accessories for a small extra fee.

What lanyard accessories are available?

Depending on the items you’re going to be hanging from your lanyard, you may find one of the following extremely useful:

Card holders

One of our most widely used lanyard accessories. Card holders come in two forms: plastic transparent wallets which can protect ID badges and name cards, and solid plastic card holders. Our card holders are available in several different sizes to suit your needs.


A retractable reel means that your badge can be pulled away from you at a distance, making it ideal for situations where you need to produce an ID badge on demand, and show it for verification. Reels can also be used on their own, without a lanyard, and can be easily clipped to pockets instead.


Whether it’s a mobile phone clip, a crocodile clip or a safety clip, our range of clips can help you to get the most out of your lanyards and make them even more versatile.

USB lanyards

One of our most innovative lanyard accessories. A simple clip can be added to your lanyards that, when pulled apart, reveals a USB drive. These are a great way to store important files and keep them safely on you always.

ID badge holders and card holders

A lanyard can be used to hang just about anything from around the neck, but one of the most common items we get asked for at Lanyards Direct are lanyards for holding ID badges and name cards. Our range of lanyard card holders is designed to help you do just that, easily and with no fuss involved. In this section, we’ll go through the different card holders or ID badge holders available at Lanyards Direct.

What do we mean by lanyard card holders?

Lanyards do an excellent job of holding cards and badges, with the help of a trusty accessory: the holder. ID badge holders, or card holders as they’re sometimes called, are used to hold and protect these documents, making sure they hang safely from the neck without being torn or damaged. Because let’s face it: a torn or damaged card looks unprofessional and is no good to anyone.

ID badge holders

Our ID card holders are made from solid plastic that’s durable and strong. Designed with a special frame holder, they provide amazing support and protection for your ID cards so that they won’t break, snap in half or get damaged in any way. They give a professional look and feel that adds the finishing touch to your lanyards. The specially integrated holes at the top mean that you can clip your lanyard to the holder quickly and easily – and just like that, you’re good to go. Need to remove or change or ID card? Easy – simply slip out the card horizontally whenever you need to.

  • We stock these in a range of colours to suit your needs
  • We can also provide custom designs on request – just tell us what you have in mind
  • Maximum card holder size A6 (148 x 105mm insert size)

Lanyard card holder wallets

Our card holder wallets are made with high quality transparent plastic to protect your name cards or badges from the elements. No more having to replace cards due to damage – these wallets will envelope them in a protective seal. All of your information will still be displayed clearly with no need to remove the card unless you want to.

  • Available in portrait or landscape
  • Choose from regular, oversize or custom sizes
  • Minimum order 250 wallets

Card and badge holders: are they for you?

Our lanyard card holders and wallets are a wise choice for your business if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want your name cards or ID badges to be protected from all forms of damage
  • You’d like to prevent your cards from being pulled off or torn away from their lanyards
  • You’d like to avoid the expense of replacing lost or damaged cards in the future
  • You want your cards to be well presented with a professional look and feel

Need help choosing your ID badge holders or card holders?

Get in touch with the team here at Lanyards Direct and we’ll advise you on the best card holders to suit your needs. With over 25 years in the lanyard business, we’re always happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Reels for retractable lanyards

Have you considered getting a retractable lanyard? Making your lanyards retractable with a simple reel accessory is easy. Read on to find out exactly what a reel does and how it can help.

Why use retractable lanyards?

When you add reels to your lanyards, they become extendable, making them super easy to use. Reels are ideal for extending ID badges and name cards that need to be shown on demand. Simply pull on your badge and it will come away from the lanyard, making it easy to hold up for inspection.

Reels are ideal for swipe cards

Reels are also perfect for businesses that use swipe cards, as they can be easily pulled away from the body to swipe them through security devices. The reel is retractable, so the swipe card will immediately return to its original position when you let go.

Retractable lanyards vs reels

Our reels can also be used on their own, without a lanyard. Simple attach your badge to the reel and clip it to your pocket, overalls or bag. You can then pull the badge away to be shown or swiped on demand. Simple!

Ordering reels for your lanyards

If you’re considering getting retractable lanyards or reels for your business, we can easily add them to your order. We can also attach the reels to your lanyards before we ship them, so that they’re ready to be used immediately. Drop us a line today to find out more.

Lanyard clips

Lanyard clips can make your lanyards even more efficient when it comes to holding badges, cards, keys and other items. In this section, we’ll go through the various clips we offer at Lanyards Direct and why you might need them.

Crocodile clips

These metal lanyard clips can hold name cards and badges to your lanyards quickly and easily, with no fiddling about. They’re also perfect for situations where you need to hold several pieces of paper or card. Made from durable metal, they’re long-lasting and reliable. Because they operate with a simple crocodile grip, they make it super easy to attach and detach different items, making them ideal for when you need to reuse your lanyards for several occasions.

Lanyard clips for mobile phones

Say goodbye to missing those important phone calls! Mobile phone clips are handy for those who always need to be on call, or those whose jobs involve being on the move. Rather than rummaging in your bag, drawers or pockets, these handy clips make it easy for you to wear your phone around your neck, so it can be accessed always.

Lanyard clips for safety

Our safety breaks come in the form of simple lanyard clips which are incorporated into the fabric of your lanyard and come apart easily when under pressure. This means that even if the lanyard does get caught on something as you go about your day, it will quickly come apart to avoid any safety risks. These special clips are perfectly suited to work places that need to comply with health and safety regulations, such as schools, hospitals, and prisons.

Lanyard clips for water bottles

We can add bottle attachments your lanyards, transforming them into handy drinks holders. You’ll never be dehydrated again! Move about your office or organisation with the comfort of having your water bottle with you wherever you go with these useful lanyard clips.

Trigger clips

These metal lanyard clips are strong and durable and will make sure your precious name cards or keys stay put. With a spring, loaded trigger gate and a swivel D eye, they’re super simple to use too.

Do you need lanyard clips?

Our range of lanyard clips might benefit your business if any of these applies to you:

  • You need a reliable method of attaching cards, badges, keys and other items
  • You want to be sure that your items don’t get pulled off or come loose from your lanyards
  • You want to use your lanyards for holding mobile phones or water bottles
  • You need the reassurance of a safety break for your lanyards

USB lanyards

Possibly our most innovative lanyards to date, USB lanyards are an easy way to make sure important files don’t go missing. Read on to find out more about these handy devices and what they can do for your business.

What are USB lanyards?

Put simply, USB lanyards do all the fantastic things that lanyards normally do, only they also come incorporated with a USB drive. This comes in the form of a special clip that’s attached to the fabric of your lanyard. Pull apart the clip, and you’ll reveal the USB stick in all its glory, ready for whenever you need it.

USB lanyards for conferences and meetings

Do you organise conferences, meetings and important events like trade shows? Say goodbye to the hassle of distributing paper documentation to attendees, not to mention printing costs. Instead, a simple USB drive can be used to carry all of your important files in a format that’s lightweight, easy and cost effective. Add a branded lanyard into the mix and you’re onto a winning combination that is sure to impress prospective clients and conference attendees. Use your USB lanyard to give away brochures, project plans, presentation slides, videos and other information. The possibilities are endless.

USB lanyards for offices and organisations

Having a supply of USB lanyards with your company logo can be invaluable when it comes to storing and distributing files, especially if they contain confidential information that you don’t want to go missing. These handy tools can also be given as freebies to visitors and clients which is a nice way enhance relationships and boost your branding.

Get a customised USB lanyard

Here are the ways we can customise your USB lanyards to suit your needs:

  • We can pre-load your USB sticks with whatever you need to distribute – just provide us with the files and we’ll do the rest
  • We’ll also print your branding or company logo on the lanyards with our high quality service
  • USBs are 20mm wide and we can provide them in a range of pantone colours

Are USB lanyards for you?

If any of the following applies to you, then USB lanyards might be just what your business needs:

  • You want to distribute information in a way that’s cheap and fuss free
  • You need to safely and efficiently store files or distribute them to team members
  • You’d like to save money on printing costs
  • You’d like to help the environment by going paperless
  • You’d like to impress clients, attendees, visitors or prospective customers

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