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Using lanyards for fundraising and charities

Using lanyards for fundraising and charities
17 May ‘17

Using lanyards for fundraising and charities

One of the most important parts of running or working for a non-profit organisation is fundraising. As without donations the entire organisation would likely cease to exist, but the good news is that custom lanyards can really help with your fundraising efforts.

No matter the cause you’re raising money for – whether it’s animal rights, HIV education or breast cancer awareness – lanyards can help in a number of ways to ensure your fundraising goes without a hitch.

Using lanyards for fundraising events

The main way lanyards can help with fundraising is that they’re great for events, as they can not only easily show who has donated which in turn can inspire others to make a donation as nobody wants to be the odd man out, but they can also help keep people taking part in your events safe.

By taking advantage of our reflective lanyards for your fundraising events, you can ensure that everybody taking part in your night walk, homeless sleep out or even just an event held during the dark winter days is kept safe and secure.

The other great reason to use our reflective lanyards is that they make great statement pieces, which will probably be reused due to their usefulness and practicality.

This reuse then means that people you hadn’t even thought of will see your branded lanyards whilst they are being reused – meaning that your lanyards will have a much lower CPM than other traditional advertising, and your charity might even be able to gain donations from these others.

Using lanyards to generate an income

Another way lanyards can be used as part of your fundraising efforts is by selling them. Many companies these days have charitable aims and directives, which sometimes includes sponsoring a chosen charity for up to 12 months at a time.

By creating partnerships with such companies and organisations you open yourself and charity up to being able to supply and sell your custom lanyards to generate an income of donations. This is great for you because your non-profit receives an income, and it’s great for the company as they are able to show off that their charitable support.

The other way to use your custom charity lanyards to generate an income, is that whether you’re attending or hosting an event you can hand out lanyards, which have information about your non-profit attached to them, when people pledge donations to your charity.

If you do choose to create lanyards which have information attached to them then you can take advantage of our 360 assembly service to ensure all of your lanyards arrive ready to use and in time.

So if you’re ready to starting your non-profit branding journey, why not take a look at our range of custom and reflective lanyards?

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