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Using lanyards in an corporate setting

Using lanyards in an corporate setting
07 Jun ‘17

Using lanyards in an corporate setting

Lanyards, ID badges and visitor books can be a great resource for corporate offices when used correctly. They can help improve security in your offices, differentiate between departmental staff and can even assist in advertising your company which can be helpful for online businesses.

Whether it’s for the staff or visitors or even interns, there are a number of ways lanyards can be used within an office environment to help carry and display access badges, ID cards and much more.

Visitor and intern lanyards

The receptionist is the first person that visitors to your office will see, and no matter how professional your receptionist is if they’re handing out sub-par sticky badges or well-worn pin badges it will help to create a bad impression.

And as we all know first impressions count, especially in business where if the right person underestimates your company it can disastrous.

The other main benefits of taking advantage of visitor books and lanyards for your office visitor is that it makes it easy for you to keep track of everybody within your offices in case of a fire or an accident.

Custom lanyards for offices

By taking advantage of our custom lanyards you can easily design a number of different lanyards that will help differentiate between visitors, interns and various departments.

The perk of doing this allows your staff to tailor what they’re discussing depending on who is around.

This is great for open plan offices or for offices that have large amounts of staff – as it means you no longer have to worry about visitors learning all of your office gossip, your interns learning about the financial status of the company, or your admin assistants finding out about your HR issues.

Lanyards for full time members of staff

If you do decided to take advantage of our custom lanyards instead of our pre-printed “staff” or “visitor” lanyards, then you’ll also be able to potentially advertise your company whilst your members of staff are on their way to or from the office.

This is because most people will simply put their lanyards on in the morning naturally if their security passes are attached to them, and if you’re based in a city or town centre then a large amount of your staff might travel by public transport or walk in – therefore allowing you to advertise for free.

And the best part of attaching your staff’s security passes to their lanyards is that there less chance of them losing them, meaning that you might find yourself saving money as you won’t be replacing them as often.

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