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How to use Lanyards for School and Universities

How to use Lanyards for School and Universities
10 May ‘17

How to use Lanyards for School and Universities

Lanyards are a great way to carry and display access badges, ID cards, keys and much more. But did you know that you can also use them within an educational environment?

Whether it’s for the staff or pupils, there are a number of ways lanyards can be used for. Within a school setting from displaying teacher’s and pupil’s information, to even selling them at charity events for the school.

But unlike other environments where lanyards are used, schools and universities can pose some additional health and safety risks. So it’s important before ordering your 100+ lanyards that you do your homework. You want to ensure that your lanyards are safe and fit for use!

Who and where will the lanyards be used?

Firstly, you need to think about who will be wearing the lanyards and where they’ll be wearing them. Unlike lanyards in a traditional office, school lanyards will be worn on a playground, in the classroom and even on school trips.

As there are a lot more places where a pupil’s lanyards can get caught it is best to take advantage of our safety break lanyard clips. These are incorporated into the fabric of your lanyard and come easily apart when under pressure. Meaning that even if a lanyard does get caught on something or pulled, it breaks apart to avoid any accidents.

Custom or plain lanyards?

The other main question you need to consider when buying lanyards is whether you choose custom or plain lanyards. While plain can seem like the obvious choice when it comes to cutting costs, sometimes custom lanyards can actually help to create an additional income.

Maybe you have a sports team or a charitable cause your school supports? You could easily brand some of your school lanyards and then offer them for sale at sports events or in your school or university shop.

The other main benefit of using custom lanyards include the free branding and advertising of your school which can help ignite a feeling of pride. This pride, especially if you’re using your lanyards to support a good cause, can help create a positive message towards pupils and staff. The very visual characteristic of the lanyard will help create and remind of a tolerant, respectful and welcoming atmosphere.

Do you need any additional attachments?

And finally, maybe you have some students that never have a pen? Maybe your staff are fed up of handing out pens that are never returned? Why not take advantage of our full colour lanyard with custom attachments to ensure that your staff no longer keep losing pens to forgetful students. We also supply branded pens which can be easily attached to your custom lanyards. Just call us on 0203 195 8031 and we can advise you on the best options for you

So if you’re interested in ordering custom printed lanyards for your school or university look no further. If you’re not sure where to start, then why not take a look at our bestselling lanyards?

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