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Why retail shops should take advantage of lanyards

Why retail shops should take advantage of lanyards
19 Apr ‘17

Why retail shops should take advantage of lanyards

Lanyards can be a great aid to all retail shops – no matter what you sell. Not only can they help your team look professional and tie the entire shop together, but they can also be a great resource for promoting your business.

Whether you’re opening your first shop or simply wanting to update your current business to reflect a more professional image, then lanyards can definitely help you.

Lanyards for your staff and shop

Apart from helping your team look professional, staff lanyards can also assist customers in finding the right people to ask for help, and can even be used to hold important things like till logins to ensure that these do not get lost and make it harder for staff members to use one another’s login details to commit fraud.

We have a great range of pre-printed “Staff” lanyards available, however, if you really want to push your business forward then why not brand every single part of your business with our custom printed lanyards. Branded with your shop’s logo and colours our lanyards can be a great for building your brand’s identity.

Lanyards as a promotional product

Branded lanyards can even be used as promotional tools within your retail business. If you’re having a grand opening for a new location then you can give them away with things like discount and information cards attached to them to try and encourage repeat customers.

Or, if you’re already open but fancy trying to encourage new repeat customers then why not consider selling your branded lanyards with a similar set of discount cards attached to them – if you manage to price them right then they can be great for encouraging custom, and can even help to shift any lines you have in your store that aren’t selling.

The last great use of lanyards you can make use of is that whether you’re located in a tourist area or just have a desirable brand you can create custom lanyards for people to buy as a cheap souvenir. Our custom lanyards are available in a range of different materials, Pantone colours and also have a range of attachment clips – so you can be sure that your lanyards will appeal to your shop’s target audience.

Lanyards Direct also offers an eco-friendly lanyard that can be great if your brand has eco-awareness beliefs, and wants to show them off. Made of recycled PET fabric – which is sustainably produced and completely biodegradable – these lanyards are just as strong as our normal custom lanyards and offer a great silky smooth texture that is great for producing complex logos in any Pantone colour combination.

Save yourself time with lanyards

Regardless of the direction you’ve chosen to go for your lanyards – whether for your staff or as a promotional tool – take advantage of our 360 assembly service. Save yourself time by allowing us to complete the fiddley, time consuming jobs of attaching name tags or discount cards for you – perfect for when you’re in rush and simply want to take your lanyards out of the bag ready for use.

So, if you’re ready to start your branding journey then why not take a look at our custom lanyards?

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