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The power of branded lanyards

The power of branded lanyards
10 Nov ‘16

The power of branded lanyards

Lanyards are versatile and useful products. Essentially, it’s a strap designed to hang around a person’s neck to hold ID, information, USB devices and keys – among other things. But, aside from the physical use of a lanyard, you might be surprised to hear they are also a powerful advertising tool.

How so? We hear you cry. Let Lanyards Direct explain.

Identify your company clearly

First of all, lanyards are available in a range of colours, materials and widths to allow for key messages, personalisation and branding.

If you’re organising an event you’ll probably need a number of staff to help. While coloured clothing or uniforms are excellent ways to make an employee immediately visible, a lanyard can display important information to assist event attendees find the help they need.

At a mixed event where other companies are also in attendance the lanyards can help your company stand out if:

  • The lanyards are in your distinct company colours
  • The company logo is printed onto your lanyards
  • A company motto or saying is also on the lanyard

Lanyards can also be an unobtrusive way to make sure attendees of any event are kitted out with your own company logo, or branding. Few people object to wearing a lanyard to hold ID or security tags because they’re small, light and help make their passage through different areas easier.

Build brand awareness

If your company is hosting an event or is the main sponsor of an event branded lanyards are a great way to remind all the attendees and organisers of this.

A lanyard has quite a lot of room to print a brand name, logo, motto, event name and date. And, just like online activity under a branded social media account, branded lanyards help to generate awareness of and interest in a brand, business or product.

But it’s not just having your brand highly visible at the event that helps remind people of your business and what good things they can. A branded lanyard can have an impact after the event, too.

Quite often lanyards are forgotten about and taken home, only to be discovered in the days or weeks afterwards. That reminder of the great event hosted/sponsored by your company will keep your brand in people’s minds.

Lanyards’ usefulness provides bonus brand building

While there are some people who will happily throw a lanyard out soon after they’ve been given one, there are also people who will keep hold of them – either as a souvenir, or because of their innate usefulness.

You see, a lanyard can be used for so many things in the office or at home. They can keep odd keys together, hold tickets, receipts or other small paper items. They can even be used to keep items together.

And while that lanyard is being used all the details printed on it helps to grow awareness of your brand.

That’s quite a feat for an innocuous neck strap!

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