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The possible uses of lanyards in taxis

The possible uses of lanyards in taxis
26 Apr ‘17

The possible uses of lanyards in taxis

If you follow your local news then you’ve probably seen at least one article about the issues currently facing taxi drivers.

Whether it’s the so-called dangers of using taxis, or that Uber drivers now account for one fifth of all taxi drivers in the capital – it’s becoming harder and harder for traditional taxi firms to stand out.

So with all of the new competition and bad PR from the local news, how can your taxi firm stand out and continue to attract people to your services?

Whilst traditional marketing can help to attract new customers, ensuring people want to continuously use your services is a great way to guarantee income and business. But how?

Using lanyards to promote safety in your taxis

One easy way to ensure repeat custom is to brand your business and make sure it comes across as a professional service – as this is now the main difference you have between your business and un-licensed Uber cars.

If you don’t fancy having branded cars – and a lot of taxi firms don’t – then the main things you can brand are actually your drivers. Whether you choose to have a uniform or not, branded custom lanyards can be a great addition to any taxi firm.

Not only will your taxi drivers constantly have their IDs on display to your customers and easy-to-hand, but a branded lanyard and a license ID can be a welcome sign to customers to let them know that they’re in the proper car.

This is especially great for Friday and Saturday nights when a lot of taxis from a whole range of different firms are likely to be picking up from the same location.

Using lanyards to help your drivers

The other good thing about getting your drivers to wear lanyards is that you can include a small map that’s attached to the lanyards. Whilst most drivers use satnavs these days, you could potentially include the most popular pickup spots in your town or city.

This is great for new drivers learning the ropes to allow them to quickly pick up their customers with no issues, and also the more experienced drivers who might not be familiar with every new bar, club or even estate that opens within your locality.

Using lanyards to advertise your business

If you don’t fancy having your drivers wear lanyards – or even if you do – you can also use lanyards as a great promotional product.

Whether you take advantage of our water bottle attachments and hand out your branded lanyards during the early hours, or connect with other local businesses in your area to create a discount offer that could be publicised with your branded lanyards, it’s more than likely that people will take your lanyards home and reuse them due to their usefulness.

This reuse means that your initial investment in your lanyards will have a much lower CPM than other traditional advertising – as people you hadn’t even thought of targeting will see your branded lanyards whilst they are being reused.

So if you’re ready to take your taxi firm to the next level, then why not take a look at our custom lanyards?

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