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Why hospitals should use custom lanyards

Why hospitals should use custom lanyards
24 May ‘17

Why hospitals should use custom lanyards

When used correctly lanyards can be one of the most important parts of organisation for hospitals and health care facilities. They can help safeguard vulnerable patients, make departmental staff easier to distinguish, and can even help make patient stays more enjoyable.

Luckily custom lanyards are easy to design and order, however there are a number of additional health and safety risks that are important to think about before ordering.

Safety breakaway lanyards

One of the main risks to your hospital staff is their lanyards getting caught on something, or even being pulled by a member of the public. Our safety break lanyard clips, which are incorporated into the fabric of your lanyard, come easily apart when under pressure – meaning that even if a lanyard does get caught or pulled it breaks apart to avoid any accident.

Whilst these lanyards are great for your accident and emergency staff, they are also great for any staff members who may need to quickly remove their lanyards in an emergency.

Lanyards for employee identification

Once you’ve decided on your safety measures you can start to plan how you want your lanyards to look like.

Whilst we have ranges of generic “NHS” and “Nurse” pre-printed lanyards, if you take advantage of our custom lanyards you can create a number of different lanyards to easily tell your staff apart. For example you could potentially have yellow lanyards for accident and emergency nurses, orange lanyards for paediatric consultants and green lanyards for surgeons.

This is useful for patients who may not understand the difference in hospital uniforms, but also for members of the public and any new members of staff in areas like intensive care where most staff tend to look the same due to their blue hospital scrubs.

The other main benefit of creating custom lanyards is that they are great for safeguarding vulnerable patients. Instead of simply using generic lanyards that can be easily copied, custom lanyards mean that other members of staff and members of the public can quickly and easily see who should be on which ward.

These lanyards coupled with your staff’s ID cards displayed from the lanyards then allow you to practically double security for your vulnerable patients without making it too troublesome for staff to follow through.

Our 360 assembly service

If you do decide to create different lanyards for each department or role, then the issue arises of ensuring the right people get the right lanyards.

Take the pressure off yourself with our 360 assembly service – simply give us your instructions, and we’ll ensure that your ID badges are attached to the correct lanyards and packed ready for you to use once they arrive.

Meaning that you’ll only have to worry about attaching lanyards for any new members of staff, and not the hundreds you already have.

So, if you’re interested in custom or pre-printed lanyards for your hospital then why not start by taking a look at our full coloured lanyards?

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