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If Chanel designed lanyards…

If Chanel designed lanyards…
15 Dec ‘16

If Chanel designed lanyards…

Now we know that headline seems a little presumptuous. After all, why on earth would one of the best known and revered global fashion houses get involved in Lanyard design? But whether you believe it or not, it’s happened. Chanel have included their own version of designer lanyards in their 2017 Spring/Summer collection.

Of course there were no nylon, printed or personalised lanyards for the French fashion house. You’ll know it’s a Chanel because of the design itself – beautifully beaded, with the look of jewellery.

Could Designer Lanyards, be here to stay?

The reason behind Chanel’s foray into designer lanyards is consumers’ growing desire to have their mobile device within easy reach. This has led to a large number of mobile cases coming with pretty straps to wear around your neck or over the shoulder.

Chanel has apparently gone with this mobile tech trend but on a whole new level! The designer lanyards were featured throughout Chanel’s autumn catwalk show in Paris and elsewhere. The pretty, beaded, designer lanyards where clearly visible when the models strutted up and down the runways. There was no reason or desire to hide those gorgeous creations.

The style and creativity lavished on those designer lanyards would mean anyone lucky enough to have one would happily tell you: “but it’s a Chanel, darling!”

Could any other fashion house pull the designer lanyard off with the same level of success? Maybe, but probably not on the first outing.

Give clients the bling option

We discussed sparkly lanyards in our previous post. With the glamour lanyard trend already on offer from Chanel, it’s starting to look like a more viable option for your new year’s stock.

As you can see from Chanel’s designer lanyards it doesn’t have to glitter to be noticed. The use of beautiful beading to create a symbol or logo on specially customized or personalised lanyards could be a great option for VIP festival lanyards. Flower power could become a fresh, new branding option – for the right company of course.

Tech holding lanyards just got a boost

Chanel’s designer lanyards formed part of its tech-style within the overall collection. There were other accessories that stood out, but none that caught our eye quite as easily.

Sticking with the tech theme – lanyards aren’t just for ID, tickets or advertising. They can be used to hold all kinds of tech, mobile devices and even underwater cameras. That means a designer lanyard doesn’t just have to be pretty, it can be designed to be relevant to a tech audience.

Swap out the pretty beading for some component-inspired beading or imagery. These are great options to help your lanyards stand out and be noticed by the right audience.

There are so many options to personalise, brand and design your company logoed lanyards. So while designer lanyards in the style of Chanel may not be right for you, use the idea as inspiration.

Go one step further when it comes to branding your lanyard. Sporting-related companies could use custom shaped links or shapes on lanyards. Or, software-related businesses could go to town with some circuit board-inspiration.

People may not be as impressed by your designer lanyard idea as we were by Chanel’s. But they’re sure to remember the brand it’s depicting and that’s the result most firms are hoping for.

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