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Why more businesses should invest in lanyards

Why more businesses should invest in lanyards
15 Mar ‘17

Why more businesses should invest in lanyards

With over three decades of experience working with customers ranging from charities and SMEs to university and multinational brand leaders, it’s fair to say that we already know a bit about how beneficial having lanyards for your business can be.

However, not all companies know the benefits that using lanyards can bring to both their marketing and security aims and within their company.

So what are the benefits of lanyards? And why should more companies invest in them?

They improve your brand visibility

Lanyards are pretty hard to miss when they’re being worn, and they’re sure to catch people’s eyes during a conversation with them hanging around the neck.

And, the best part of lanyards is that they’re suitable for all types of events from gigs and festivals to trade shows and sport events.

Make use of our custom lanyards to ensure that when your lanyards are busy catching people’s eyes that they’re putting your brand into their minds, and not just reminding people to buy their own lanyards!

They are personal

One of the main selling points of custom printed lanyards is that no other business will have the same. There are so many options to personalise, brand and design your company’s lanyards, so you can be sure that your lanyards will be completely custom.

By custom designing your lanyards, you can make sure that more people know what company your staff are with and are able to distinguish your company from others. Perfect for trade shows or events.

They are practical

Whether your staff have to carry security or ID passes, or if visitors to your company currently have to ruin their clothes with pin badges or sticky labels then lanyards can easily replace these.

Lanyards can be an easy way for staff to carry their security or ID passes – and could even help reduce the losses of these passes, as lanyards are a much more secure way to carry them.

Pre-printed visitor lanyards can also be an easy way to differentiate between staff and visitors, they’re also much more eye-catching than a pin badge or sticky label allowing for higher security.

In our pre-printed lanyards range we have an assortment of lanyards for staff and visitors to security and VIPs to ensure that no matter the needs of your company then we can help!

They improve your workplace’s security

As mentioned before, not only do lanyards provide a convenient and comfortable way for your staff and visitors to display their passes they can also help increase the security of your company.

While lanyards can easily differentiate between staff and visitors in an eye-catching manner, they also help differentiate between staff of different departments or rank. By creating lanyards in different colours you can easily differentiate between staff you may need different access – for example warehouse staff and finance staff, or directors and assistants.

Our USB lanyards could also be used to help limit the loss of important company data, as a USB flash drive around your neck is much harder to loose than a small USB flash drive that’s in your pocket or bag.

If you’re interested in investing in lanyards for your company then why not check out our range of custom and pre-printed lanyards?

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