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3 Useful ways Lanyards can help your School this Term

3 Useful ways Lanyards can help your School this Term
16 Jul ‘19

3 Useful ways Lanyards can help your School this Term

As classroom sizes and demands on teachers’ workloads increase, schools in the UK and around the world are looking for ways to be more efficient while delivering safer, better learning environments for students and teachers. 

Quick and simple solutions can go a long way. Introducing lanyards is an easy, cost-effective way to improve your school’s safety and learning environment. Here’s how.

1. Identify Students and Visitors

One school in Nevada, US recently made headlines with their rollout of safety ID badge lanyards as a way to keep track of who is on the premises. With this solution, the school can ensure that everyone is meant to be there. Above all, preventing non-students who may have bad intentions from accessing the school grounds. 

The Clark County high school is just one of the schools that will be rolling out these safety ID badge lanyards in coming months. Likewise, it won’t be long before other schools follow suit. 

By giving an ID badge lanyard to your students, you’re ensuring teachers can quickly pinpoint who belongs in their classroom and who doesn’t. Also, special lanyards can be made for visitors so that anyone strolling without one can be easily identified and questioned.

2. Quickly and Easily keep Track of Attendance 

Teachers can use lanyards as an easier and more organised way to keep track of student attendance and hall passes. Students can hand in their lanyards when they arrive in the classroom, so the teacher doesn’t have to waste time going through the attendance list. 

You can even attach ID badges with built-in scanning technologies, combined with scanners (or even an ID scanner mobile app). We offer custom printed identification cards with RFID technology for implementing a highly efficient RFID based attendance system. Additionally. you’ll save a lot of paperwork with this eco-friendlier solution.

How efficient can these ID lanyards be? Upgrading your attendance-taking system using lanyards can save you 10 minutes or more a day. With 190 school days a year, that’s 1900 minutes or 32 hours saved each year.

3. Have some Fun on (and off) School Grounds

Finally, you can also use lanyards to generate a sense of team spirit among students, both on and off-grounds! 

For example, Coloured lanyards can be given to different sports teams or school “houses”. Special lanyards can be designed for prefects, top students, or class presidents. In addition to being worn in school, they’re ideal when traveling to other schools for events or on school outings to make your students look more like a single, organised group.

A great way to use lanyards is by attaching them to school medals at sporting events, inter-school competitions, and other large gatherings. Have a look at our ribbon-style lanyards, which can be custom designed to your needs. 

Make a Smart Choice

If you’re thinking about using lanyards for your students, teachers, and staff, we recommend: Choose a product that is built to last, free of any safety hazards, and stylish enough that even your students will want to wear it daily. 

Our Deluxe Full Colour Printed Lanyards offer the highest quality on the market. With a satin finish, they are comfortable enough for your students to wear all day long. Plus their vibrant colour and full range of personalised print options make them perfect for engaging school spirit. 

We deliver these deluxe full colour branded lanyards in just six days after your artwork is approved. If you’re in a rush before the start of the semester, you can choose our express service in just a three-day turnaround.

For a more traditional lanyard, check our best-selling classic polyester printed lanyard, ready in 14 days from artwork approval. Similarly, if you need a fast order, our express classic polyester printed lanyard is delivered in 6 days. 

Most importantly, both lanyards feature a safety breakaway clip as standard, removing any choking risk at all.

With custom ID badge lanyards, you can boost your school’s security and learning environment in no time. Read what our happy customers are saying about us here, and visit Lanyards Direct to place your order. Call us on 0203 195 8031 for any queries you have at all!

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